brendan church OMG 

Why You Should Use On OMG

The following article is the second in a series about internet marketing. In Part I we looked at why you should be doing internet marketing and looking at what is involved. In order to understand the importance of the internet to your business, you must first understand that the term “OMG” came into existence just a few years ago. If you were not using the internet before this time, then you are probably using it now. In fact, the acronym OMG is a nickname for the company known as On.…

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doug-maloney OMG 

What Is OMG and Why Does it Matter?

OMG is an acronym for Oh My God. It is the new internet buzzword that is used to describe an over-the-top response to an outrageous, off-the-wall comment or outrageous internet video. OMG originated from an Asian computer game called Player Unknown Battlegrounds. The premise of Player Unknown is that the only way to win is to fight and kill the other players in this apocalyptic fantasy world. Other players are referred to as the Opponents and they have personalities, names, and other things that you might expect to find in…

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